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Why IV Infusion Therapy?

Vitality IV Bar is a LIFESTYLE for everyone. We cater to everyone’s individual needs by providing a personalized and unique experience when you visit one of our locations. What kind of life do you want to live? Happy, healthy, balanced, and more? Our IV Drips will help enable you to turn your visions into reality so you can look, feel & LIVE good!  Preventative medicine has become increasingly popular for individuals who want to take a proactive approach to their health and stay ahead of the medical curve. We promote health and wellness by helping to restore and optimize your body’s natural balance.

Vitality IV Bar offers IV Hydration for Stress, Fatigue, Immune Boost, Performance and when you Party Hard and want to Recover Fast.

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Vitality IV Bar offers memberships for those who want to take their health to a whole new level.  $99 per month – No Contract

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Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Company Party, Wedding or you just don’t feel like coming to our store on Mass Ave. We can come to you!

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Vitality IV Bar

Vitality iV Bar specializes in IV Vitamin Therapy including Hydration, Anti-Aging, Immune Booster, Hangover Cure, Performance, Recovery, Libido and many other cocktails.
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Recharge your system for maximum energy and productivity with one of our iV vitamin drips.

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Vitality IV Bar has partnered with Denver CBD and now offers their 1200mg Full Spectrum CBD. The Denver CBD Company™ sources product from the first certified USDA organic hemp greenhouse in the state of Colorado.
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